Current estimated production time: 2 WEEKS semi-custom / 4 WEEKS other models / RUSH available.

Configurator instructions:

- We are well aware that ordering a suit can be a bit stressful. But do not worry! We have constructed our web page to make it a pleasurable experience and it is easy to use. Please read below short instructions for the use of our configurator.

- First, select your preferred color. In selecting the color, you can move back with the BACK button on the top left page. If you are opting for a custom color, you can continue only when you have selected the color for all fields on the suit (do not forget the color of the logo and the zip).

- In the following fields, you select the size. You need to select a field before you can click Next. If you are not sure about your selection, you can still return and make changes. Different lengths and widths depend on the general size and gender.

- And in the end you can select also some additional options. These fields are not mandatory to be able to continue with the order.

- You can find these instructions on top of every page of the configurator, however, they are not visible when you navigate through the configurator. If you wish to see these instructions, simply scroll up.