Current estimated production time: 2 WEEKS semi-custom / 4 WEEKS other models / RUSH available.

About us

It all started with passion!

In early 90s a young Dejan Janov started skydiving. He soon realized he's addicted to this sport and along with 4 other young and passionate skydivers, formed their formation skydiving 4-way team. They lived for their passion and soon started competing which later resulted in becoming multiple national champions. Dejan wasn't satisfied with the suits they were using, so he made his own suit - not knowing this will be the very beginning of the Pro-Fly suits story ...

Soon all the other members of the team wanted the same suit. Being known as a multiple national champion that makes his own suits, suddenly also other skydivers wanted to order a suit from him. But at that time, Dejan still wasn't aware of where this path will lead him. He was always a gifted 'technical type' of person whose first love were cars, specially old timers and supercars and believed he will design and produce his own cars. He was making suits just for hobby becouse all his attention was directed to the team and jumps at that time. However, being that 'technical type', he was also improving his suits all the time as he wanted to achieve high performance. As an aesthetic perfectionist, he also put a lot of emphasys on design and style (ask his mother - in the 80s, at age 16 he went hitchiking to Italy to buy stylish chlotes and spent all his savings!). He realized he is interested in designing and developing of skydiving suits also and becouse he was constantly recieving orders for suits, he decided to establish a skydiving suit business.

Beginnings were tough. He always invested all his time and money in research and development even though "normal" liffe suffered. But he was very stubborn and what leaded him forward was the faith that he can make the best product in the world. He knew his value and never doubted it, even in difficult times. He changed the brand name to Pro-Fly suits in 2009. By that time, the company was already producing RW suits as well as Freefly suits, Staff suits, Skydiving school suits and Camera suits. But still, it was just a small family business.

The first breakthrough happened in 2014 when Pro-Fly suits made 180 RW Combat suits for the Dutch national record. Becouse all (!!!) the suits fitted all the participants perfectly, and becouse people could see the stunning quality of the suits, soon the company was recieveng more and more orders, also for other categories. This finally allowed the growth of the business. The second breakthrough happened in 2017 with the new website and the decision to go on social media. One spring day, it was all set for professional photography of the suits next day when Dejan suddenly came up with the idea of making an attractive, quality freefly suit that would be also affordable - this is when the concept of a semi-custom suit was born. He wanted to offer a top product for reasonable price. Literally overnight, Focus was created and photographed that day. Then it was announced on social media and... boom! 

In 2021 a new website is published and there is a lot to come for Pro-Fly suits and skydivers!

Our mission is to offer excellent suits for a great price.
We use only the best available fabrics and materials.
All of our products are designed and made in Slovenia, Europe.

DEJAN is a hard-working visionary and the core point of Pro-Fly suits. He is the owner, developer and chief designer of the company. Still, he could never ever write the Pro-Fly story alone! Pro-Fly is what it is now thanks to amazing people who are doing their best proffessinally and support Dejan, also on moody days :-)

DAVOR and his amazing PRODUCTION TEAM. Davor is the chief of production and Dejan's right-hand man. Always there for work action or a brainstorming conversation. Nothing is impossible for him and he always keeps the good spirit in the team. A grounded personality who knows hard work but has a soft heart.

VOJKA is in charge for customer service and does an amazing job communicating with customers. If you have ever contacted Pro-Fly, you could tell she is extremely nice and polite and always prompt to answer any of your question. She is gifted with discipline and always wants to do the job perfectly. Besides, she is a lot of fun!

MOJCA is in charge for marketing communication and design so she's the one who creates those beautiful posts on social media and also designed the website. She takes very good care of the brand image with her impeccable sense of aesthetics. She is a perfectionist satisfied with only the best. She is an idealist always true to herself but always there to help.