Current estimated production time: 2 WEEKS semi-custom / 4 WEEKS other models / RUSH available.


Absolutely! Even if we are always researching in order to optimize our production process, high quality is never a question.

All fabrics and materials used are undoubtedly top quality and the best available fabrics on the market from top European producers.

Our excellent craftsmanship and attention to details during the entire production process is our prime concern. We put a lot of effort in the production process and do everything possible to have the best quality products, as only the best is good enough for us.

There is no room for compromise in this regard.

Of course, the price is a paramount factor and for this reason, we are looking for numerous options how to lower the prices of our products.

We succeeded in achieving the best possible price/quality ratio of such products on the market. We always bear in mind that the price of the product must never and under any condition compromise the quality of the product and any aspects, important for the quality and functionality of the product, must remain the same.

To minimize the costs we have adopted the best work process optimization. In addition, we focus on selling our products directly to consumers, which is also a very important factor in price reduction.

And last but not least, we enjoy in what we do and are happy to work for lesser margins.

All our products are designed and produced in Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU.

Our lead times are merely an estimate given so that it helps you plan ahead and know when your order should arrive.

Your order may be delivered faster than the estimated timeline, but sometimes it may take a bit longer.

We always do our absolute best to deliver before the estimated timeline, but occasionally larger orders may slightly back up our production line.

We really appreciate your patience and understanding and rest assured that we are always working very hard to give you the best products with the fastest timeline possible.

Rush order is also available for an additional fee and can be selected when placing an order. Rush orders are taken as priority and are produced and shipped in half of standard delivery time.

You will receive 4 notifications about your order. If you do not receive any mails, please, check your spam folder!

Notification 1: Thank you for your order – Note that your order was received.

Notification 2: Confirmation – Confirmation of your order with list of ordered products and estimated completion date for each product.

Notification 3: Processing – Notification for each individual product in your order when the product is placed into production.

Notification 4: Shipped – You will receive this notification when your product is shipped. At the same time you will also receive the tracking number.

The idea of semi-custom size freefly suits was born in our workshop in 2017. We were led by the notion to bring our customers a better product for shorter lead times and lower final price.

We offer 7 male and 7 female general sizes. The general size determines chest and hips size. Other dimension, such as the length of arms, torso, legs and the widths of arms, legs and waist are available in 3 options.

Most of you will find the applicable size combination, but if difference between your chest and hips measurement is significantly different than the average, it would be better to select a full custom size model to assure a perfect fit.

First of all, we advise against wearing bulky clothes under the suit. They restrict your movement and when you use the suit without such clothing underneath it will be too loose. We recommend that you wear thin thermal underwear instead. It will not restrict your movement, you can wear it also under your perfect fitting suit. Such underwear is so thin, that your suit does not have to have a looser fit. And it does its job perfectly. However, if you absolutely have to wear bulky clothes under the suit, we recommend as follows.

For full custom size do the measurements according to the instructions and in the comments box please state your preferences. 

For semi-custom suits – select the size by yourself depending on your measurements. If you wish to wear bulky clothes under the suit, measure yourself wearing such underwear, but be very careful! It can happen that the fitting of the suit will be too loose. Keep in mind, if your suit is perfect with bulky clothes under, it will be loose without such underwear!

If you ordered a tight fit, you should know that the suit will be quite tight. Some skydivers may not be used to this. They may at the beginning feel that the suit is too tight. You should keep in mind that the suit will adapt a little bit to your body and you will get used to it. Give it a chance and try it for a shorter period of time. You may be surprised how happy you will be with it. It is definitely worth trying ;) Also, such suits are great for flying.

Our personal suits are available in 2 size variants. As a semi-custom or full custom size.

With semi-custom suits, we provide detailed information of fit for the selected measurement. Please make sure that you make your measurements strictly according to our measuring guide! Select the size from the options that are available and your suit will fit as described.

With full custom size suits, you need to provide us with accurate measurements and choose the fitting offered or describe us your wishes and preferences.

If the suit does not fit you properly, we will thoroughly investigate the process. If the error is on our side, we will, of course, correct the error and cover all costs in this regard.

Well, discounts do create happiness, for sure. However, we are in no position to offer any additional lowering of prices.