Current estimated production time: 2 WEEKS semi-custom / 4 WEEKS other models / RUSH available.

Shipping info

We are using DHL Express shipping for all our products. As we have been experiencing many delays in shipping lately (mostly due to the unstable health situation around the world) we decided for the best courier company in the world - DHL Express which is both reliable and fast. Estimated shipping time for EU countries is 1 day while for the majority of the other countries worldwide it is 2-3 days.

Prices for shipping are shown in the table below. Countries are assorted into zones with a specific price for each zone. The price on top is the shipping cost for one item shipped while the added price refers to every next item in the package.

Shipping price for our Formation skydiving suit Combat1 is calculated like two items in the package (for example, for EU countries the shipping is 18€ + 8€ = 26€). This is due to bigger size and weight of the item folded into the package.

Exceptions: For Russia and Ukraine, DHL shipping is possible only for legal persons. For natural persons regular mail will be used.

Shipping Info.jpg